Meet Ann from Jade Aqua Farm – A solar water pump farmer

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Ann runs Jade Aqua Farm, a growing fish farm in Muranga County, Kenya. We visited Ann on a hot, sunny day during the dry season to see how she was putting her Futurepump SF2 solar water pump to work.

And between the fishponds, greenhouses, and expanding field plots Ann had a lot to show us!

Ann gave us a brilliant tour and then was kind enough to chat with us about how her solar water pump has changed the future plans for her farm and given her even bigger goals.

Below are Ann’s comments on using her solar water pump!

Tell us a bit about your farm

I have been here for four years, this is the place I do the fish farming. I also grow local fruits and vegetables such as paw-paw [papaya], mangoes and now strawberries. As well as a bit of chicken rearing and goat keeping.

So I am planning to do a lot with the solar water pump that I have now!

How have you been using your Futurepump solar pump?

It is really helping me because now I can do more. Before I had problems with what way I could be able to pump water to my farm. But now I can.

Actually having this pump is really helping us pump water from our rivers, we have two rivers. We are using it to pump water up to our water tanks, we then pump water to our farm, and also to our greenhouses.

Have you tried any other type of water pump?

I used to use the pumps where I used fuel, which is very expensive. So actually I have seen a quite reduction in costs, as I don’t buy fuel anymore using the solar pump.

How much is using a solar pump saving you?

I used to spend weekly, KSh 3000 on fuel. So that is KSh 12,000 a month (US$110). Now it has saved me, as through my loan I am only paying KSh 5,000 a month (US$45). The solar pump has really saved me!

How has using a solar pump changed the plan for your farm?

I has been really good to help us, as we now have all that it takes, now that we can pump water. We are really satisfied with this pumping system and now with this, we are going to work even more!

I also want my farm to be really green. It needs to be sustainable.

Will you be expanding your farm?

I will be planting paw-paw in the whole farm using the water from the pump. I also want to increase the strawberries and I also want to plant the pumpkins. I can now do this using the irrigation and the drips.

The best thing is I no longer buy fuel. It can pump water to the tank. I am able now to use the sprinklers and drip.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Sure, yes. It is really a good thing, It is not expensive, compared to fuel, how much we used for fuel. It is very efficient. It has done me a great service. We are now able to pump water and do irrigation with it.

I would recommend every farmer to have it!

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