How Solar Panel is Made? – Solar Panel Main Producing Process

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Have you ever wondered how a solar panel is made? Or what steps are needed to produce a solar panel? Generally speaking, a solar panel consists of solar cells, EVA, glass, back sheet, and frame. Here, we at Eco Green Energy, sort the main steps of manufacturing solar panels to share for your reference.

Selection of raw materials

It all starts with the raw materials, which in our case is a solar cell. Eco Green Energy solar panels are only made of Grade A solar cells from Tier 1 suppliers. We make sure to select each solar cell by the KOPAD cell sorting machine according to the strict European standards.

(Eco Green Energy solar cells sorting machine)


It is a fully automatic process. Here at Eco Green Energy, we are using cells of G1, M6, M10, etc. Then, the welding machine of Brand AUTO WELL assembles or solders these cells together. Moreover, the fully automatic welding machine is capable of standard, half-cut cell, and MBB solar modules.

(Eco Green Energy welding machine)

Here we must keep in mind that hot spots on the panels are mainly due to the high resistance of the cells because of a bad welding process between the bus bars. Thus, the welding machine is the key element in the production line to avoid hot spots on the panels.


Eco Green Energy laminates solar panels at 140~145-degree Celsius depends on different raw materials. This process takes approximately 20 minutes. After lamination, the modules are left for 10-15 minutes to cool down till it reaches room temperature.

(Eco Green Energy lamination machine)

During this process, we need to pay attention to avoid corrosion and delamination. For example, internal corrosion happened when moistures penetrate inside the panel. So, during the process of production, we have laminated the module components under a vacuum.

In short, make sure to work with a reliable supplier, that uses a good brand lamination machine, and which have a good process of production and good SOP for their employees. In addition, make sure that your supplier has all corrosion certifications such as Salt Mist corrosion level 6, or Ammonia corrosion.


GRACO automatic glue control system used by Eco Green Energy can protect the panels from air, dust, and moisture. Also, will help the panels to firmly attach to the frames.

Raw materials of frames used for Eco Green Energy solar panels are all Grade A anodized aluminum, with 1.5mm thickness. Most important is compliance with TUV and UL certifications.

(Eco Green Energy automatic framing machine)


Through the control of temperature and humidity, we can clean and test the framed panels in a short time of 4 hours. Eco Green Energy solid room always keeps a room temperature of 25±2℃ and humidity of greater than or equal to 60%RH.

(Eco Green Energy solar panels solid room)


Eco Green Energy, the French Brand solar panels manufacturer, is always working on making sure that we produce our panels to ensure our clients the best safety and security standards as well as the highest quality. Please noted that all our products are made of Grade A raw materials and certified by TUV SUD.

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