How does the Futurepump SF2H solar pump work?

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What is the SF2H?

The SF2H is Futurepump’s high-head solar water pump. Compared to the SE1 and SF2 solar water pumps which each have a total vertical lift of 15m, the SF2H’s maximum total vertical lift is 45m. 

That means this irrigation pump is perfect for moving water uphill, up a steep river bank, or into a water storage tank. 

Did you know that Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue is 38 meters tall – meaning that the SF2H can lift water even higher than that! 

A comparison between giraffes (6m tall), Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer (38m tall), and the Futurepump SF2H’s total lift maximum of 45m.

Plus, with solar powered irrigation, there are zero fuel costs! Check out our “What is solar irrigation?” post to learn more. 

How the SF2H solar powered water pump works

The Futurepump SF2H solar water pump works via a series of interconnected parts. They work together to convert the sun’s energy into mechanical energy which draws water through the pump.

PV to MOTOR: solar PV panels power the DC motor on the pumpMOTOR to PULLEY: The motor then turns a pulley; the pulley can be placed in two gears (this optimises the pump for higher and lower lifts) The larger pulley setting is for low lifts this optimises for higher flowrate. The smaller pulley setting is for high lifts, this makes it easier for the pump to push water up.PULLEY to FLYWHEEL: The pulley rests on the flywheel and makes it turnFLYWHEEL to PISTON: The combination of the main shaft, bearings and a yoke change the rotational flywheel motion into an up and down force. This force moves a piston up and down in the pump cylinder.THE PUMP: Inside the pump there are two valves, they ensure the pump sucks water in on the up stroke and pushes water out on the down stroke.

The Futurepump SF2H solar water pumping system

The SF2H solar water pump can be used in a wide variety of locations as long as there is sun and a suitable water source (shallow well, river, lake…).

Diagram showing the suction, discharge and total lift of the SF2H solar pump. Suction lift + discharge lift = total lift

At shallow heads, the Futurepump SF2H solar water pump can deliver up to 0.4 l/s, which is 1,440 l/hr (180W).

Inlet side vertical suction limit: 7 metersMaximum total vertical lift: 45 metersHorizontal discharge: 500m+

The Futurepump SF2H solar water pump is compatible with:

Direct irrigation using a hosepipeA maximum of 2 Sprinklers (available from Futurepump)DripOverhead tanks

See how the Futurepump SF2H solar powered water pump works in this video:

Talking through the SF2H solar water pump with Product Manager, Martina

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